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A great team

The success of Sumitomo Drive Technologies on the world market is based on the care that it takes when selecting and training the members of our team.  We offer a first-class product and it is the task of our team to provide an outstanding service to our customers through excellent performance.  We expect our staff to do their best and it is only fair that their performance is suitably rewarded.  We consider it important to focus on the individual’s qualifications for the task concerned by means of efficient, professional selection criteria without any prejudice of any kind.  Sumitomo’s business philosophy also takes into account the development of the world market by promoting a multicultural society based on mutual respect. 

Please send your application to:

Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany GmbH 
Human Resources
Cyclostraße 92

85227 Markt Indersdorf

If you would like to work for our company in Europe, please send your CV and a covering letter to:

Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany GmbH
Human Resources
Cyclostraße 92
D-85229 Markt Indersdorf

Our actual openings: