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Motion Control Drives

Fine Cyclo

Zero Backlash Design, Coaxial Precision Cyclo Reducers

Torque rating: 150 Nm to 6.140 Nm

Ratio range: 29:1 to 179:1

Precision Planetary Gears PPG

Precision Planetary Gears PPG

Torque rating: up to 330 Nm

Ratio range: 4 to 10 (single-stage)

Motion Control Drive IB Series P1 Type

Precision Planetary Gearheads for Servomotor Applications

Torque rating: up to 153 Nm

Ratio range: 5:1, 9:1 (single-stage)

Ratio range: 15:1, 91:1 (two-stage)

Servo 6000

Cyclo® 6000 Low Backlash, High Torque Servomotor Reducer

Torque rating: up to 500 Nm

Ratio range: 6:1 to 87:1

Servo 100

Low Backlash Servomotor Reducer for Precision Machinery

Torque rating: up to 500 Nm

Ratio range: 11:1 to 87:1