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Quality and the environment

Corporate policy 


For the SUMITOMO (SHI) CYCLO DRIVE GERMANY GROUP, a commitment to quality and the environment apply to all business transactions.  The criterion for the performance of the company is the delivery of products which meet the expectations of the customer in every respect.


“The prime business principle of the Sumitomo Group is to give absolute priority to the needs of the customer.  In keeping with a 400-year-old business tradition, the Sumitomo Group always strives to deliver to its customers on time.  Products and services must comply with or even exceed the requirements of the customer and the agreements reached. These efforts are assisted by an active supplier evaluation system through customer feedback.”


A network of manufacturing plants, assembly centres and technical advice serves to ensure the high quality of deliveries to the customer.  All branch offices are fully networked so as to provide the best service locally, with the maximum degree of flexibility and utilization of resources. 


The strategic objectives of the company are:

To fulfil the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 throughout the Group

  • To develop products and production processes.
  • To produce products manufactured in complete conformance to design specifications and quality standards.
  • To guarantee the quality of the products and services and constantly improve them in line with market requirements.
  • To continuously review and improve efficient management processes.
  • To ensure that all employees accept responsibility for the quality of their work.  Our motto is: “It’s better to avoid mistakes than to correct them.”

To fulfil the requirements of ISO 14001:2005 at the Markt Indersdorf location

  • To ensure that the type, extent and environmental impact of our activities, products and services are not disproportionate.
  • To be committed to continuous improvement and to avoid environmental pollution.
  • To comply with the current statutory obligations and other relevant requirements applicable to environmental issues.
  • To specify and assess environmentally-related objectives and individual objectives.
  • To document, implement and maintain our environmental policy.

In the final analysis, all employees of the SUMITOMO (SHI) CYCLO DRIVE GERMANY GROUP fully and completely support the corporate policy and the achievement of the corporate objectives.


Quantifiable objectives are regularly reviewed, defined and revised if necessary.  They are the subject of the management assessment report and lead to continuous improvement within the company.


The management contributes to the smooth running of the integrated management system by providing the necessary resources and training opportunities and through empowerment.

Markt Indersdorf, 2009-03-04

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