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Neo Hyponic

Neo Hyponic®

Hypoid gearing technology of case hardened steel in a compact design for universal installation positions with optional IP65 design (on some sizes only).



5:1 to 1440:1


15W -  5,5 kW


0,3 bis 1480 Nm

Electrical connection:

230 V – 400 V 3-phase, optional 1-phase and other international voltages


Aluminium housing with 2-component paint finish, compact and corrosion resistant


Flange and base design


Hollow or solid shaft; shaft diameter adjustable according to client requirements


Grease filled, maintenance free


Product specification:

The Hyponic geared motor is based on 60 years of experience in the development and manufacture of gear and drive solutions.  To date there are over a million Hyponic geared motors in service.  The latest generation is characterized by a more compact design, a modular system, maintenance-free operation and universal installation positions.  With the IP65 (wash down) option, the Hyponic is an ideal solution for beverage bottling plants and food manufacture.  Hypoid gearing technology in case hardened steel, patented by Sumitomo, provides high efficiency and is far superior to the customary worm gears due to gear ratios from 5:1 to 1440:1.  The Hyponic gear combines the cost advantages of the worm gear with the technical characteristics of a bevel gear.

  • Thanks to its closed system, it can be used in every installation position
  • 100% maintenance-free through lifetime lubrication
  • Efficiency < 90%
  • Lower noise level in comparison to cylindrical or bevel gears
  • Options: IP65, dust and waterproof for applications in the food industry and similar applications (on some sizes only)
  • Hollow shaft design for quick and simple fitting
  • "Hygiene + " version with food-grade grease as a lubricant (optional)


  • Food industry: Preservation, bottling, sterilizing
  • Food processing: Meat, dairy, bakery
  • Conveyor belts
  • Test equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical equipment
  • Water and effluent treatment
  • Packaging machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Measuring devices