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18.03.2011 08:41

Production in Japan and Germany is running without breakdowns - no delivery delays at all

Production in Japan and Germany is running without breakdowns - no delivery delays at all
The earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in Japan has not affected the manufacturing facilities of Sumitomo HeavyIndustries, the parent company of Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany GmbH in Markt Indersdorf.
No members of staff were injured.
Production of gearboxes and geared motors covered by the umbrella brand “Sumitomo Drive Technologies” is
continuing without interruption.


Production facilities in Japan

  • There was no damage or breakdowns in the production facilities in Nagoya and Okayama
  • Working is continuing at the headquarters of SHI in Tokyo, no severe damage or restrictions have
    been experienced

Deliveries from Japan

  • The seaports and the airports in Nagoya and Osaka are open, deliveries are possible through these facilities

Manufacture and deliveries from Markt Indersdorf
With an eye to a relevant risk management procedure, years ago we introduced various different strategic measures in order to secure our production and delivery capability:

  • Almost the entire product range of Fine Cyclo Precision Gearboxes is manufactured at the facility in Markt Indersdorf, which, in 2008, was extended and expanded for optimum multi-shift operation round the clock
  • For many years we have been building a strategic purchasing policy which guarantees continuous supplies of high-quality bought-out components from a range of reliable sources and which does not incorporate any element of dependence
  • Our entire forward-looking stores facility has been planned taking this situation into account
  • Our production facility has long been set up in a decentralised mode; our standard gearboxes, geared motors and other parts are manufactured in a wide variety of facilities in Europe, America and Asia and are delivered from these locations
  • This guarantees on-time delivery